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While every effort was made to ensure that all of the information in "Mount Laurel" was correct, there were a few mistakes unintentionally made. According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of errata is "a list of errors in a printed work discovered after printing and shown with corrections." The mistakes listed here are mine and mine alone.

1. Page 30 - Incorrect identification. This is the Monte's Lakeside Farm on Marne Highway. (This is not the Monte's Vita Green Farm - this is John Monte's farm which was later named "Lakeside Estates" by his son Mike who became the owner in 1946. The Vita Green Farm was across the street and owned by Carmen Monte, another son of John Monte.)


2. Page 31 - Clarification. There were three Monte farms:  the old one on Hartford Road owned by John Monte and two farms on Marne Highway in Hartford. John owned one of the farms on Marne Highway. See above for more information.


3. Page 33 - Incorrect identification. Paul DiGalbo was a future son-in-law of John Monte, not a cousin.


4. Page 66 - Incorrect identification. Alex Monte stands on the boards while Mike Monte (left) and Johnny Carfagno (right) get wet.


5. Page 91 - Misspelling - Mary Davison (not Davidson).


6. Page 115 - Missing - John S. Coverly.

7. Page 105 - Missing - Lower image, identified as Jack Smith who went on to a career with the Prosecutor's Office.

8. Page 66 - Incorrect identification. Lower image, Jean Lee and Diann Monte should be switched.

9. Page 77 and 82 - "Mitten's Day Camp" should be spelled "Mittin's Day Camp."

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