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Settled in 1688 by the Evans family, Mount Laurel originally contained small hamlets like Hartford, Masonville, Fellowship, and Springville. During the 19th century, African Americans established the enclaves of Colemantown, Little Texas, and Petersburg, which served as stops along the Underground Railroad. An self taught healer, named Dr. James Still, known as the black doctor of the pines, is buried in the Colemantown Cemetery. Situated east of the Delaware River in scenic Burlington County, Mount Laurel's farmers regularly trucked their produce to the Campbell Soup Company and shipped their produce to market either by steamboat on the Rancocas Creek or by the Camden & Burlington County Railroad. Through photographs that illustrate the transformation of the area's historical roadways into highways and the residential development of its long-standing farms and peach and apple orchards, Mount Laurel showcases the rich agricultural and cultural heritage of this Burlington County community.

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Verner farm on Church Road.jpg
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Old View from Presbyterian Church.jpg
Old Farmer's Hall.jpg
Old Farmer's Hall side view.jpg
Nardin home on Church Road.jpg
Mr and Mrs Calvin Forvour.jpg
Mount Laurel Police Dept..jpg
Mount Laurel Meeting House.jpg
Moore-El home.jpg
Moore-El Family.jpg
Masonville train station.jpg
Masonville Post Office.jpg
Larchmont Farm.jpg
June 1894.jpg
Jacob's Chapel side view.jpg
Jacob's Chapel front.jpg
Hunting on the Haines farm.jpg
House on the Hill.jpg
Hartshorne hired pickers.jpg
Fire apparatus in front of Danley's.jpg
Fellowship Schoolhouse.jpg
Fellowship Fire Company.jpg
Fellowship Fire Co GMC.jpg
Farm equipment.jpg
Collins runway.jpg
Collins airfield.jpg
Carr's old place.jpg
Calvin Forvour with farm vehicle.jpg
Bill and Annetta Verner.jpg
Bank before dunkin donuts.jpg
Antique store near Centerton.jpg
Aerial of Larchmont Farm.jpg
Aerial of Alice Paul's House.jpg
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