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Stephanie Marks Sawyer is a longtime resident of Mount Laurel. She has always been interested in local history and her family’s genealogy. Through myriad connections in the community and consultations with local historian, Paul W. Schopp, she was able to gather anecdotes, personal narratives, vintage postcards and treasured photographs to tell the story of her beloved hometown in Mount Laurel.

Stephanie Marks Sawyer has lived in Mount Laurel, New Jersey since 1978 when her family moved to one of the new developments built on land that was formerly the Haines farm. She grew up in Mount Laurel, only leaving for college and her first job. She moved back to Mount Laurel and bought a house in the very same development where she grew up, where her and her husband are raising their daughters. Ms. Sawyer is currently working in marketing, specifically e-commerce. 

Photo credit: Bryan LaLonde

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